Scots Win MHC Tournament!

Doubles District Champions: Thien Nguyen and Kenton Bui

4th Place in Singles:  Jon Bui

6th Place in Doubles:  Randy Cao and Tim Le

2018 Results

March 13, 2018

Scot's Dominate Parkrose

Scot's won 6-3.  Great team effort.     Long way to go but a good first step!  Big wins at 3 and 4 singles and all doubles teams played great

March 13, 2018

Barlow downs the Scots 5-3

First league match and we came up short.   2, 3 and 4 doubles won.   Long way to go!

March 15, 2018

Scots down the Oregon City Pioneers 5-3

Scots blanked the Pioneers in doubles.  All with 6-0/6-0 wins.   Stephen Van also picked up a big win at #4 singles.   Next up, the Clackamas!

March 23, 2018

Battle with Clackamas comes up short.

Great match.   Both teams won 4 matches but they won an extra set.    Lost 4/4 10 sets to 9.   Great effort by all.   Big win at #1 doubles by Kenton Bui and Thien Nguyen.  All doubles teams competed well.   Big shout out to Randy Cao and Tim Le for a great effort at #2 doubles against a good Clackamas team. 

April 02, 2018

Down goes Central Catholic!

Scot's won 4-4 10 sets to 9.   Great win at #1 by John Bui!   Doubles continues to be a strength.   Straight set wins at #1 by Bui/Nguyen and at #2 by Tim Le and Randy Cao.  Battling for extra sets was a key.  Big sets won by Stephen Van at #4 singles and Kyle Tang and Johnny Vo at #4 doubles.  

April 03, 2018

Scots roll over the Gophers 8-0

Great win for the Scots.    Dominated at all levels in singles and doubles.   8-0.  Next up, the Reynolds Raiders!

April 04, 2018

Raiders no match for Scots

The Scots won in dominant fashion against Reynolds.   (8-0)  Great win.   Jason Bui saw his first varsity action and picked up a win at #4 doubles with Devin Pham.   

April 02, 2018

Scot's cruise past the Eagles

The Scots cruised past the visiting Centennial Eagles with at team score of 6-2.   Great effort by all.   Continuing to dominate at #1 doubles is Kenton Bui and Thien Nugyen.  Undefeated at #1 Doubles.   

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Player of the Match

Tim played his first match at #1 doubles.  He and his partner got a big win!

Player of the Match

Kyle competed very well in his win at #4 doubles.  

Player of the Match

Ken and his partner dominated at #2 doubles  6-0/6-0.  

Player of the Match

Randy Cao.  Randy was terrific in his big win at #2 doubles  

John Bui:  John picked up a huge win at #1 singles.  Worked hard over break to get better. It paid off!

Player of the Match

Player of the Match

Johnny Vo:  Johnny Vo picked up a big win at #4 singles 6-0/6-0.  Great accomplishment for a freshman

Kenton Bui and Thien Nguyen:  Undefeated at #1 Doubles!

Player of the Match

Players of the Match

Kevin Lin:  After a shaky start, Kevin came back for or 3 set victory at #3 singles.